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May 19 Fine/Clear

Tody, I got a bad news, that is I failed Emech interview. and was rejected again.

The enterprise hire a person, need lots of reasons, while if reject one person, just need one, the headhunter detail reason.

The reason is that my previous businese model is different from their company. My previous company is trading company, focus one product design, management service and supplier management. While their company is manufacture factory, focus on product design and production manufacture.

I admit the general manager has piercing sight. He found this point, while whether he is right? I am not sure, at least, I entered a similar company, and my perferomance has been most of person recognited.

Although I didn**39;t plan that join their company, as the distance and only one day rest one week, I can**39;t care my family. While I reject them is total different from they reject me.

I would like to mention another thing, I drive whole day, and go through half of ZhongShan, didn**39;t get anything.

The reason is very simple, I went to the second court first, while I only told them the prosecution object, the girl told me I need go to the first court. I didn**39;t tell her the prosecution content. The trerrible has begun.

Then, I didn**39;t go to the first court too, and plan to prepare the material according to my understanding. and I forget I didn**39;t know the law at all. Why I didn**39;t doubt my understanding.

The result is that after I prepare my all material, organization code, company/goverment commerical certification, police testify. Then I get I didn**39;t invoice, then I don**39;t know how much money I should ask? The purpose? I don**39;t purpose and do lots of things. Just like I don**39;t target,don**39;t vision, then ask everyone to work hard. askbrothers to run, run, while don**39;t give their direction. It is funny.

I notice Jacky talk with Boron very easily. that mean he has integrated into Boron circle. How to intergate into company top level management circle?

It is urgent!






确定 取消


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