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Turnover rate high


Toady is my father in law 63 birthday. I brough my daughter and wife and return home.

To be honest, the whole day is a little boring, as I can**39;t understand what they were talking, so the just left thing is that have a meal. Lunch had 6 desks and diner had 6 desks too. what I did not know is that they would hold morning tea for all relatives. I did not know how much cost them and I am not convenient to ask, as I am a son in law. hahasmiley

What I got today is that I found some one was very good talk from their appearance. Like Dong, sister in law, brother in law, father in law, mother in law, what they think, what they talk, which way they perfer to chose. Small family, big socity.

I had a small talk with my brother in law after lunch. he talked about chinese medical reform. gave me a small reminder. Just like ASSA GULI, the general manager purpose is good, and his initative is good, while as human weakness, he perfer to which kind person, just like Jerry and Jacky, and he only trust them, so he choose Jerry and Jacky to manage APAC, he made big effort and took lots of time to improve APAC and resolve order delay issue. but he was wrong at the begining, as he chose wrong guy. Probable Jerry and Jacky will chose to hide lots of issue for their performance or position, so the issus become bigger and bigger. and finally, calculative issues will kill all of them.

While ASSA GULE will not bankruptcy become they were fired, just will chnage another group person, so the issues still there. Just like Chinese medecial reform. Big China same as small ASSA GULI.

So how to use person for top level management person is huge important.

As the whole day is very boring, so I toke lots of to check stock information. I found TianZhe information, actual I focus on this stock several days, as this stock trend and technical track is very good, while I found its turnover rate is very high, that mean dealer didn**39;t hold most of floating stock.






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