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SCROLL LIFE. Volume 49.140101.WH.Halu Li


Happy new year! Today I describe our future with the simple words: Try to work hard and do with your heart.  I just watch the CCTVNEWS program. Host show the hot event with CCTV view, it analyze Chinese warship near miss U.S. warship in south chinese sea, but American say that place it's national sea. U.S help Japan increase the military budget, the aim is to comtainment China. The program is also share the view about the Indian women rights. New Delhi rape phenomenon record the world focus. I donot why it happen so frequently and why spread so widely. The third focus is about the south sudan turmoil, this country is the newest state in the world, the soldiers shoot their compatriots, it remind my memory of histroy about the Aar of Liberation. Today we are in the peace China, we work here and study and develop ourself. So I beleive that this day is the best day of my life.(the Scroll Marked Five,Part seven) I will live this day as if it is my last, if it is not, I will falll my knees and give my thanks. 

Its SCROLL LIFE, I will follow the instructure of the unknown-power guiding and write with my real thinking,my mind and my five think way. In the past 2013year, I have recorded 48 volumes scroll life, I share my mind and keep my views with the world development, I study the knowledge of the brand and cultivate the ability of the solving problem which my costumers have to face. In this evening, I find that my lover, who is my future wife, will attracted my attention, I will see her face and keep my warm feeling, I will address her and say"I love you", though spoken in silence, my eyes will shine my love. There is a song:I will love you forever, every night in my dreams,I miss you and walk to your heart. Who is her?  Why can I embrace her body and kiss her lip? Why not write letter to her, my warm feeling fall in the words and move her heart? I must act now.

In order to improve my Listening-English, I watch the comedy film,Mr.been act the  the museum of art employees. He makes me laugh for a while. When I use the Apple itunes plaform, it can also help me improve English skills. (the Scroll Marked Three,Part Four) I will persist until I succeed. I will consider each day's efforts as blow my blade against a might oak, the first blow may cause not a tremer in the wood, nor the second, each blow may  be  trifling, yet from child swipe, and seem of no consenquence, yet from child swipe, each oak will eventually tumple. so it will be my today's effort's today.

The language capability help me communicate with foreign friends, it will also  help me control my brand career development. With this ability, I can improve my thinking systems. I will understand the original meaning of the SCROLL with English versions SCROLL. One day in the future, I will proud to say: I repeat the words of the SCROLL,why can I do like this? Because I love it love so deep. On the opposite wall, I see SCROLLBRAND printing page PPT, there is "BRAND CONSULTATION DESIGN", "DATE:20130605". Time is passing so fast. Today is the first day in 2014. We wish everyone a happy new year, let you be blessed for the whole year.

I will follow the instructed and never will I violate the SCROLL principles .







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